Dora news: April 11, 2018

We had a surprise when we woke up Saturday morning. There was a skiff of snow on the ground, and it was 28 degrees. This year’s weather is full of surprises.
Our quilt club at Dora began meeting to work again on Tuesday morning, and when I left at noon last week, it was 73 degrees.
We had several family members that came for dinner on Easter Sunday.  It was not a good day for hunting eggs outside but fine for eating inside.
My grandson, Chance, came this weekend and brought his children, Levi and Allie, for a visit. Rocky came today with his son, Dale, and his family Allie and Grayson for lunch with Randy and me.
Brush Creek runs across from my house, and we have two slabs to cross on our county road to get to the highway, one on the east and one on the west. The one on the west was damaged in the last big rain, so the county worked on it several days and finished it last week. Now our mail carrier can come through. She had to backtrack several days to bring our mail. We are thankful for the water, but sometimes we get more than we need at one time.
I talked to my niece, Nancy Sabo, in Montana on Monday, and they have had lots of snow that is still on the ground. She is part of my late sister Velva’s family. They are planning to come Labor Day weekend for a visit. We are so happy since we haven’t seen them for several years.
I guess it is time to get the lawn mowers ready to go. My kids take care of that for me now, and I am thankful for them. It is so much easier now than when I did it years ago. You had to push the mowers, and there wasn’t any motor on them.  
Keep looking for spring!

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