Tecumseh news: Nov. 15, 2017

My nephew Jonathan Aronis and Brother Dale Roberts visited me Monday morning. Jonathan is a home health therapist working out of Springfield. He and Brother Dale came about the same time, and it was good to see each of them.

I read in an area newspaper of a conservation representative who had bull snake eggs hatch in his home after some members of the family picked up the eggs out in the woods near his home. They hatched out seven snakes. How scary! The eggs didn’t need incubation, I guess. So, the lesson is: don’t pick up unknown types of eggs – they might not be bird eggs!

Another article I read recently said it would be hard to convince a Bantam rooster that his crowing doesn’t have a big influence on making the sun rise. It reminded me of the Banty roosters I used to have and oh, how they would crow – and try to out-crow the larger species of roosters we had.

My daughter Kris enjoyed visiting on Saturday with Karen, Dave and Keith Davis at the Masonic Lodge’s catfish dinner for hunters in Bakersfield. 

Kris and her granddaughter Alexus raked leaves and filled my birdfeeders over the weekend, and the birds are busy now. Kris had bought a big bag of sunflower seed, and now the two big old redbirds come and run the little birds off. I get so aggravated at them!

Beulah Satterfield and I enjoyed a phone visit recently. 

Highway 160 is the southern route between Nashville and Branson, and the tour buses seem to go by my house regularly. 

After Norfork Lake was formed in the late 1940s, we had Nova and Averille Pleasant at the former Upton Store at Tecumseh. Then Clyde Williams purchased property for his daughter Mona Chandler and her husband Tom, and they had a restaurant with a row of cabins, employing local help, including my husband, Eldon Pitcock, and me. Eldon was a guide on the lake, and I worked for the Chandlers in the restaurant and in the cabins.. I enjoyed my time there. My pay was 40 cents an hour, and Eldon made 60 cents an hour as a guide on the lake.  With my work at home, my garden and my milk cows, also with two children in school, it all kept me quite busy. Yes, those were the good old days. Eldon died in May 1971. 

On Nov. 11, 1971, my wedding to Glen Ingram at Dr. M. J. and Judy Hoerman’s home on their brand-new red carpet was an honor indeed. Dr. Hoerman told us when we took our blood test, “Judy and I are going to give you a red carpet wedding and be your witnesses.” And so they were, with Wiley McGhee officiating. Wiley’s wife Pansy and my daughter Kris Pitcock (Luebbert) were also there. 

Good memories!

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