Tecumseh news: Jan. 10, 2018

Cloudy skies and rain are with us, reminding us it’s the middle of winter. Paralee Rea says she feeds and waters various birds including woodpeckers, two kinds of doves, purple finches, chickadees, cardinals, blue jays and juncos (snow birds). They are lucky to have someone who cares!

Prayers for John Evans to recover from serious injuries he received while working with a propane heater in his rental property. A person can’t be too careful when working around explosive substances!

Truman Miller celebrated another birthday on Dec. 17. Best wishes for many more!

Sad news of Maxine Shaner-man’s death came Jan. 5 when her sister Lettie called.

When summer comes  and flies are on our tables, we can bring mint inside, and the flies won’t bother!

It’s nice to receive good wishes for the New Year!

Jerry Miller’s relatives came from Tuscaloosa, Louisiana, for bow-hunting season. It was a busy time around her place!

Ginger Peters and I correspond. She and son Allen Roebuck live in Pennsville, New Jersey. Formerly, they lived east of Tecumseh, and we have been good friends since then. She entertained our Friendly Neighbors Club in her home, which was enjoyable.

I enjoyed Jane Elder’s writing in the Times recently. 

An interesting story of “straw-bale” gardening was in a magazine this fall, describing results of good vegetables in small areas. 

A letter from Sylvia Carson said they had cold weather in North Pekin, Illinois, and flooded areas before that in her son’s home in Houston, Texas. 

Best wishes to Norene Prososki and Jenny Yarger, who do a great job at the Times publication we look forward to each week. 

It was nice hearing from Lanell and Roger Long at Christmas. I hope we can meet before “many moons” have passed as we don’t live that far apart!

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