A year and a half of after debilitating surgery to remove tumors from her brain and sacrum, Katelyn Brantingham, right, finished the Go Girl half marathon in Springfield on April 14. Her friend and training partner, Cheyanne Broyles, ran the race with her; they finished ahead of time they’d set as their goal.

This time last year, Katelyn Brantingham was working hard to recover from surgeries she had in December 2017 to remove tumors from her brain and sacrum. The surgeries initally left her with double vision and problems with balance, but Katelyn kept a positive attitude, relied on her faith in God and focused on constant improvement. She spent  hours at Top Dog Fitness Center, walking on the treadmill, holding on tight so she wouldn’t fall and lifting weights to build her strength.

And her hard work paid off.

Eventually Katelyn started running outside, and when she was able to return to school at Southwest Baptist University, her friend Cheyanne Broyles started working out and running with her. Near the end of January, Katelyn told Cheyanne, “We should run a half marathon!” Cheyanne agreed.

“This was our first one,” Katelyn said. “We both love working out and set a goal to work out and run five days a week. We needed something to motivate us and wanted a goal to work toward, so we thought signing up for a half marathon would be a good start.”

On  Sunday, April 14, Katelyn crossed the finish line at the Go Girl half marathon in Springfield.

“It felt so good to cross the finish line faster than our goal time, knowing that all of our hard work and early mornings paid off,” she said. “Enduring through the cold snow and rain at the start of the race made the accomplishment feel even greater.”

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