Ozark County is one of 6 in Missouri with still no positive COVID-19 cases

Ozark County, Missouri

Of Missouri’s 114 counties, only Ozark County and five others currently still have no confirmed cases of COVID-19, according to the Missouri Department of Health. 

Other counties without any confirmed cases of COVID-19 include Barton, Dade, Hickory, Knox and Wayne Counties. 


Ozark County statistics

According to the Ozark County Health Department, 240 patients had been tested for the virus at Ozark County medical facilities as of Sunday afternoon. All tests had a negative result. There are no pending results at this time.

More Ozark County residents may have been tested at medical facilities outside Ozark County, including in nearby West Plains and Mountain Home, Arkansas, but health officials say administered tests are counted in the county where the testing facility is located and the testing is done. However, positive cases are reported to the county where the patient resides and counted with that county’s statistics. 

So far, there have been no positive cases in or reported to Ozark County. 


Population size

One element the six zero-COVID counties have in common is small population. The population of Ozark County was recorded at 9,723 during the 2010 census. The other counties had these populations recorded during the same census: Barton County, 12,402; Dade County, 7,883, Hickory County, 9,627; Knox County, 4,131; and Wayne County, 13,521.

As of 2 p.m. Monday, 14,734 cases of COVID-10 had been confirmed across Missouri. That number was a .9 percent increase from the day before and a 6.2 percent increase from the week before.

St. Louis County has the most positive COVID-19 cases (5,083), followed by St. Louis city (1,944), Kansas City (1,565) and St. Charles (841). 


Surrounding counties

All counties surrounding Ozark County have had at least one positive COVID-19 patient. Howell and Taney counties and Baxter County, Arkansas, have each had 13 confirmed cases. Douglas County has three cases. 

Taney County confirmed its first case on March 23. Baxter County confirmed its first case five days later, on March 27. Howell County followed with its first case confirmed five days after Baxter County’s first case on April 1. Douglas County went a long time without a positive case, but it confirmed its first case almost two months later on May 31. 


• In Douglas County, north of Ozark County, three positive tests have been reported. One person was hospitalized, one test is still pending results and 16 individuals are in quarantine. There have been no deaths. A total of 204 individuals have been tested at medical facilities in Douglas County. The first positive case in Douglas County was confirmed on May 31. The second case was confirmed the next day, June 1. The third case was confirmed Monday, June 8. 

• In Howell County, east of Ozark County, 13 positive cases have been reported. The total number of individuals tested at Howell County medical facilities was 1,010 as of June 5. Of those, 964 tested negative, 13 tested positive and 33 results are pending. Six people are currently in isolation there. There have been no deaths.

The first positive case of COVID-19 in Howell County was confirmed April 1. The most recent confirmed cases include two additional cases reported Monday, June 8. The 12th case was a Mountain View resident. Contact tracing conducted on the case indicates that there is no significant exposure to the community. The 13th positive patient was identified as a Peace Valley resident. A Monday afternoon post on the Howell County Health Department’s Facebook page announced the two new positive cases.

“The case is associated with a childcare facility in West Plains. The owner of the facility is currently working with [Howell County Health Department] in taking the appropriate actions in response to the notification. The investigation into this case is ongoing. Close contacts to the case are being notified and provided guidance by the Department. Both cases have been epi-linked to previously identified cases in the Mountain View area. Each is following public health guidance and on home isolation. Neither patient has required hospital care.”

• In Taney County, west of Ozark County, 13 positive cases have been reported. Eleven of those patients recovered. There have been two deaths. There are currently no active cases as of June 5, according to the Taney County Health Department Facebook page. 

Taney County’s first positive case of COVID-19 was confirmed on March 23. The most recent case was confirmed on May 26. There have been no positive cases since that time. 

• In Baxter County, Arkansas, south of Ozark County, 13 total COVID-19 positive cases have been reported. Ten of those patients have recovered. There have been no deaths. The first case in Baxter County was confirmed March 27. It is unclear when the most recent confirmed case was listed on the Arkansas Department of Health website. 

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