Sheriff says deputies are now making lots more traffic stops


During last year’s election season, Ozark County Sheriff candidate Cass Martin promised that if he was elected, his leadership would focus on a more active presence in general, including “working the county’s roads throughout all of Ozark County.”

This week’s sheriff’s report, which includes 28 traffic stops by Ozark County deputies between Jan. 11 and Jan. 17, proves Martin, now sheriff, is following through with that promise. 

“There are two approaches to law enforcement,” Martin said in an ad that ran in the July 1, 2020, edition of the Times. “One is proactive. The other is reactive. I prefer the proactive approach. It’s much easier to prevent a crime than it is to solve a crime. Bring proactive simply takes work. It means deputies work the roads. It means the sheriff’s department knows the people it serves….”

When asked Monday morning about the increase in traffic stops, Martin told the Times he believes having deputies take a more active role in making traffic stops will lead to fewer crimes. “Basically, my deputies are making contacts, and by doing that we’re trying to campaign for change in crime,” he said. “Simply put, more traffic stops help to cut down on issues on the roadway.”

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