Sean Dalton Gilmore, 18

Sean Dalton Gilmore, also known as Sean-Bug, Seany, Dumbass, Seanie-Boy, Sheen and Uncle Sean, was born on December 12, 2002, and died on March 5, 2021. For those that can’t do the math, like many of the Gilmores, he was 18 years, 2 months and 21 days old. 

He is survived by his parents, Dwight and Lisa (King) Gilmore and his 8, YES 8, siblings. Yes, we are crazy, and no, we aren’t Catholic or Mormon. 

The list of those left behind gets long here, so bear with us. In sibling order: Brandon (Bow Hunter) Gilmore and his children Easton (named after a baseball glove) and Hattie. Clearly, Hattie’s mom, Amber Cox (previously Gilmore), named her. [Gainesville Schools superintendent] Justin (Lilhap) Gilmore, his wife Chelsey (Chelsey had no idea what she was marrying into), and their children, Parker-Lee and Ellie. Tanner (The Fuzz) Gilmore, his wife Katrina (Katrina DID know what she was marrying into), and their son, Emerson-Egg. Collin (The Original Double 00) Gilmore. Kyle (Ky-Ky) Gilmore, his wife Kaelyn (we just pray for her), and their girls, Everleigh and Willow. Shane (‘Merica) Gilmore. Shelby (Lil-Gilmore) Harmon and her husband Noah, the Fed Ex Man. And the youngest of all 9, Katie (Katie-Bug) Gilmore (the most spoiled according to ALL the other siblings). 

Grandparents still kicking include paternal grandmother Mary Gilmore, maternal grandmother Karen Fairchild and her husband Kerry Fairchild, and maternal grandfather Walter King. 

Sean also left behind an incredible, huge extended family and so many friends we can’t begin to count—the announcement has a word limit, so what are you going to do? 

Sean was preceded in death by billions of others, but those that we knew and loved included his paternal grandfather Johnny Gilmore (“Hey, knock it off, boys”), other extended family members, the pet rat, the cat and the dogs…Scabbers, Squirrel, Ashes, Snowball, Roxy, Pepper and Doc…, and don’t forget the numerous deer, squirrels, birds, and fishes he hunted! 

If you knew Sean, you knew that grin…the one that kept him out of trouble, at least most of the time. Sean loved, in this order, his crazy, huge family, playing with his nieces and nephews, the dogs, his friends, his girlfriend(s) (Jordan girl, we got you), hunting all the animals, fishing all the fishes, watching all the sports, playing baseball (his favorite), the Denver Broncos (sorry Chiefs Fans), the St. Louis Cardinals (sorry Royals fans), late-night car rides (even with a 15-year-old driver), a car that would actually run, anything Nike, anything camo, Busch Light (gross), Mtn. Dew (again, gross), Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal, and pretty much any food item that wasn’t moldy. He didn’t much care for onions, losing, cleaning his room, school, work, getting caught by the 5-0 or being told what to do. 

Many of you will find this irreverent, but this was how Sean was…and how he was raised. To be light, happy, funny and finding things that make you belly laugh. We need to honor him in this way.  

Now for the serious part: Sean ended his own life, in his favorite place, in the woods by his home. We are all devastated, but there has to be good at the end. To that point, the family has established a memorial scholarship in his name at Southern Bank in Clever in care of Brandon Gilmore. This scholarship will go to a deserving Clever student for years to come. In lieu of flowers or the scholarship fund, please pray that the Clever Bluejays baseball team has a winning season. And to finish like a typical 18-year-old…

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This paid obituary is published, with minor editing, as submitted by family.

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