LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Community’s investment in its school matters

I have worked at Dora, Hurley and Springfield Public Schools, so I have a wide variety of experiences in culture, tax dollars and size of schools.
The truth of the matter is, Gainesville is operating at a huge disadvantage. I know there are wonderful teachers/staff there because some of them I call friends, and others taught me. But the facilities, the technology, the investment in staying up-to-date is sub-par, at best. (I won’t even start on the teacher wages issue... yikes!)
Education is one of the most important things in life. It’s our ticket to the rest of our lives. It’s some students’ only access to people who care about them or good meals or air conditioning or access to furthering themselves. And the truth of the matter is, facilities matter. Investment from the community matters. Pride in the school matters.
Invest in this school and think of the bigger picture!
There’s no place like home, and if I were there, and if it were possible, I’d vote for the Gainesville School District’s levy-increase request 10 times!

Tyne Rose Burns

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