Times Past: Feb. 7, 2018

Passengers chat as they cross the North Fork of the White River at Tecumseh on the Hodo Ferry in this 1930s photo from the Ozark County Historium’s collection. The late Dorothy Gardner had written on the back of the photo that the passengers included the Gradie Sanders family. The “neighborhood of Hodo Ferry” is mentioned in a Jan. 7, 1913, item in this week’s Times Past as having been hit by smallpox.

Ozark County Times

Jan. 7, 1913

County court was in session here Monday and Tuesday making settlement with the Collector and, with the county physician, acted as a County Board of Health. They formulated quarantine regulations against smallpox, and the sheriff is instructed to rigidly enforce these regulations. If the citizens will assist the officers in preventing the spread of the supposed smallpox, it can soon be wiped out. There have been five or six persons in the neighborhood of Hodo Ferry affected with the disease. 


Feb. 8, 1918

J. H. Naugle, postmaster at Brixey, tells us that he intends buying war stamps with the money the office makes him. He thinks it would be a good plan for every postmaster to take some such part in the purchasing of War Saving Stamps.  

Birda - Hattras Owens cut his foot pretty badly a few days ago while cutting wood.  

J. P. Hall is now in France as well as some of the other boys.  

Howards Ridge – The singing at M. C. Bushong’s was well attended Sunday night, and everybody seemed to enjoy themselves. 

Joe Hicks has bought Will Thompson’s farm.  

 Lawndale – R. E. Exline and Nathan Lamb made a trip to Dora in their sleigh. 

Lee Hamilton ran a gig into his hand, starting at his fingers and running an inch or two toward his wrist, pulling the barbs out through his hand. It is a bad wound. 


Feb. 8, 1940

The Bank of Gainesville was broken into Monday night by robbers who used an acetylene torch with which they cut a hole in the vault door through which a man could crawl and then cut a plug out of the top of the safe large enough for a person to reach with his hand into the safe and extract $2,575.26.  ... 

The burglars used a jimmy or some other instrument to force the front door of the bank, through which they entered. ... The robbery was staged between 12 and 3 o’clock. 

Sam Gilliland, a bookkeeper in the bank, was the first to discover the robbery Tuesday morning when he went to the bank to begin his day.  


Feb. 12, 1948

The blacktopping this summer of Hwy. 5 from Gainesville to the Arkansas State Line will bring more visitors and tourists through this section of the Ozarks than any other single improvement, several persons have pointed out recently. ... 

Already several persons are talking about constructing tourist cabins, small eating places and novelty shops along Hwy. 5. ... 

 The Gainesville Cheese Co., now starting its third year of operation, is the largest single industry in Ozark County from the standpoint of production and service to the county. … 

During 1947 alone, the Gainesville Cheese Co. purchased a total of 6,650,459 pounds of milk from farmers and dairymen through Ozark County. And for this milk, the cheese company paid a total of $241,799. … 

Mr. A. E. Crewse is general manager of the cheese factory.

 Udall – Everyone around here has been nursing the flu bug. The latest are Clarence Zebell, James Hulford, Douglas Sasseen and Judy Hall. 

Charlie Hulford helped Paul Rust hang doors Friday.

Willhoit – This bitter cold has brought full-time employment to us country folk. We carry in a load of wood and almost meet ourselves going out with a load of ashes. 

We were sorry to learn Everett Whisnant fell and broke his hip.  

Monday the “meter man” came by, and our dream of electric power has finally come true.  


Feb. 8, 1968

Center Point – Mrs. Earlene Ledbetter and Mrs. June Hillhouse are attending college at night in West Plains

Pontiac – Dan Morgan left on Tuesday for Little Creek, Virginia, where he will begin a three-weeks survival training program, after which he will be sent to Saigon. Because of the fog at the Springfield airport, his flight was delayed for six hours. 


Feb. 10, 1993

 The American Red Cross blood mobile collected 45 units of blood during its Gainesville visit last Wednesday. 

Two high school students were among the donors, Carrie Winslow of Gainesville High and Randall Beard of Dora High. 

Jack Thorne received a four-gallon pin. Receiving three-gallon pins were Paralee Rea, Wendell Daugherty and Robert Copley.  J.R. Anderson and Mary Finley received two-gallon pins.

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