Tecumseh news: April 11, 2018

Just as we are thinking spring is here, winter temperatures have kept us really cold. Surprisingly, the spring shrubs have bloomed profusely in my yard, despite the weather.  The japonica, forsythia, bridal wreath and all the jonquils are so pretty. And also the tulips my daughter Kris set out. Other areas had damaging storms recently, and we were fortunate they bypassed us.
My granddaughter Dana came by and opened up my septic drain so it works better. I’m so glad to have that done. Thank goodness for Dana! She celebrated her birthday on March 17. Dana keeps busy at different jobs at their home in Brixey and also in Ava, where she helps a lady one day a week. Her husband, Chet, had a blood clot in his leg recently and is gradually recovering from that. And his mother, Bonnie Taylor, in West Plains, also had a leg injury and is convalescing. Best wishes to them both.
Jerry Miller said she went to church Sunday, as I would have liked to do. Maybe soon. I certainly miss going to church and hope to be back in shape to go before long. Maybe the weather will moderate and make it easier, and the flu bug will ease.
I appreciated Jeff Dotson bringing Don Decker to visit me one day recently. Don and his wife Betty have always been my very special friends, and they’re also friends to many others at Lilly Ridge. They live in an assisted living facility in Ava now. I am thankful to Jeff Dotson, my good friend, for bringing Don by to visit me. In years past, Betty’s mother and I were best of friends.
Visiting with friends is a special pleasure. I’m still remembering the good time I had visiting with Marlyn Atkinson, the son of one of my schoolmates and best friends, Veryl Pare Atkinson, when he and his wife met me for a visit at the Historium earlier this year. What an inspiring career and life he has had, with great achievements. We need more men like him. I hope he can come back to the Ozarks to visit again soon, maybe at Hootin an Hollarin time. Then he could meet my son Marlyn, who, like Marlyn Atkinson, was named after Marlyn Herd, our GHS schoolmate who died during World War II.
The flu bug has been busy, and my son Marlyn and my cousin Helen Conardy have both been sick with it.
Has anyone come to the conclusion that Daylight Saving Time is helpful and beneficial? It certainly is confusing for a while each time after the time changes.
I continue to enjoy corresponding with former Tecumseh resident Sylvia Carson, now living in North Pekin, Illinois, the birthplace of my mother as her family moved here from Pennsylvania many years ago. Besides Sylvia, I correspond with Alene Herd of Miller, Missouri.  Thanks to both of these friends for their pleasant letters!
I would like it if the newspapers would run a column of special recipes. Recently I saw a recipe that said if anyone wants to make a “poor man’s pecan pie,” you can substitute oatmeal for the same amount of pecans.
Please call me with any news, 679-4148.

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