Gainesville city council votes to go forward with grant proposal

The Gainesville City will move forward to prepare a proposal for a Hazard Mitigation Grant, which, if funded, would allow the city to purchase one mobile well generator and three surge protectors to protect all of the city wells. 

If approved, the federal grant would provide $178,848.34 of a $238,464.45 projected cost, leaving the city to pay the remaining $59,616.11.

Maintenance Supervisor Mike Davis said the lightning grid on the city’s west side has been hit four times, and if it wasn’t for the grid, they would have had to replace the well all four times - which costs about $40,000 each time. The city did have to replace the well twice before when lightning took it out, leaving residents without water before it could be repaired. If funded, this would remedy that for the future. The city council members who were present at the meeting voted unanimously to proceed with the grant proposal. 

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