Zanoni news: Sept. 19, 2018

We got 1 inch of rain out of the showers a few days ago. It really perks things up. Lots of hay being cut the second time. 

Paul and Lee are still cutting cedar and oak logs.

We were glad to have Joseph Nelson and his family with us in church Sunday.

I talked with Tracy Morrison Russell, who lives in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. She and Cliff had been to the Carolinas to see some of Cliff’s kids. They had a good trip. They are now worried about the Florence Hurricane in that area.

When I talked with Tracy, she told me her son Zion had ridden his bicycle 720 miles to Spring-field, Missouri. I don’t exactly where he rode it from, but it was a bicycle, not a motorcycle.

Leroy and Norma Morrison, Dwain and Betty Morrison, and Wayne and Debbie Mallow enjoyed a sightseeing trip through Ozark and Douglas County. They then ate lunch in Ava. 

Paul and Wally thought they needed to see if their hay-baling equipment still worked. They had not used it for a while. They cut a small patch on the Agene place and baled 10 round bales. Everything worked fine.

Our neighbor Mr. Branco has been cutting and baling hay out next to the highway. Makes it look good around his little trees.

Richard and Fran stopped by one afternoon on their way home from Rockbridge. He is now getting pumpkins, tomatoes and mums at the auctions. 

Sunday after church we went to Rockbridge for dinner. As we were leaving, in came John and Judy Steffensen and Greg and Mary Ann Sligh. Greg and Mary Ann have moved back to the Ozarks on his grandfather Floyd Mahan’s place. It was great to visit a few minutes. 

Everybody have a good week and enjoy Hootin an Hollarin. 

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