Four local Bullseye stations will become Phillips 66 now

The Bullseye locations in Ozark County, including the two at Gainesville, one at Caulfield and one at Theodosia, have begun the transition to be labeled as Phillips 66 stations now. This photo, taken at one of the Gainesville locations late last week, shows the gas pumps outfitted with new Phillips 66 logos, while the Bullseye awning had not yet been replaced.

Four gas stations and convenience stores in Ozark County will continue the transition from Bullseye stations to Phillips 66 stations, as logos on stores, gas pumps and awnings and other signage is switched out over the coming weeks.

The change comes as a result of the Feb. 15 sale of the stations to the company White Oak Stations. White Oak Stations purchased the stores from Lewis Oil Company, which had owned the two stations in Gainesville, one in Theodosia and one in Caulfield for several years now. 

District manager Tiana Frazier told the Times that the convenience stores’ offerings won’t vary much from what the stores had been carrying with the exception that the Caulfield station plans to extend the hours it offers Champs chicken to 8 p.m. (previously, they stopped selling the chicken at 5 p.m.).

Some local residents have pointed out that debit card charges from the stores are labeled “USA Investments,” and Frazier explains that White Oak Stations also owns USA Investments.

 White Oak Stations reportedly has more than 80 stores in Arkansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Kansas, Florida, Texas, most serving small towns and residential areas. 

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