Municipal water/sewer customers can expect extra DNR fee in April

Every year in April, all water and sewer systems in the state of Missouri are required to collect a fee for the Department of Natural Resources. This fee, called a primacy fee, is for water customers, and a DNR fee is also charged for sewer customers. The fees are used to support DNR's efforts to insure safe drinking water. Upon collecting the fee, municipalities send all of the money from the fee directly to DNR. 

 The fee collection started in 1992 and helps pay for laboratory samplings, inspections and compliance checks, technical assistance, access to low-interest loans for capital improvements and additional training for operators. 

In the month of April, the city of Gainesville also averages all residents who have water and sewer services. Gainesville charges a "set rate" sewer fee monthly to all residents instead of a "live" sewer fee. A live sewer fee changes monthly based upon the water usage. 

Commercial accounts are charged a live sewer fee. Resident usage from the months of January, February and March are averaged and a rate based upon that water usage average is set for April until the following April. Officials say this allows customers to use more water in the summer time to water gardens and flowers, wash vehicles, fill swimming pools and general outdoor usage that would not normally make its way to the treatment plant with other sewage. The idea being that water consumption would be at its lowest in these months and a better representation to what the  household actually puts into the sewer system. 

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