Mural planned for Gainesville square depicting the best of Ozark County

Gainesville resident Chris Harlin says that the Harlin family is commissioning an large mural on the side of a building next to Century Bank of the Ozarks. The mural will likely be placed near where the two signs are now hung for United Country Missouri Ozarks Realty, above. Harlin says he has hired an artist, and they are currently developing a plan to include the phrase “Greetings from Ozark County,” or something similar, with open letters where different elements from Ozark County can be painted inside. He is currently accepting ideas, which he says should be short names of things (for example, lakes, fishing, cattle farming, mills, hiking, Hootin an Hollarin, Cedar Pete etc...). To submit an idea, comment on an Ozark County Times Facebook post about the mural. The post will be published to the Times’ page Wednesday morning. 

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