Thanks to supporters of the levy increase proposal

The Gainesville school board expresses its thanks to each and every person who supported and fought for Proposition: Gainesville Bulldogs. We are disappointed in the outcome, but we are proud of the campaign that was put forth under the leadership of Dr. Jeff Hyatt, superintendent of schools. We are confident that he was as transparent and forthcoming as possible when answering questions about how the money would be spent. 

If you voted no, or if you still have questions about this issue, we urge you to ask questions and be certain you have all the facts about why this increase is needed.

Whether or not you have children currently in the school district, please know that today’s students will someday become adults who may choose to live and work in this community, raise families in this community and become leaders in this community. Whether you attended school here or in another district, remember that someone, somewhere, paid taxes in that school district so you could have an education. We believe our students deserve the best opportunities possible so they can go out into the world with the knowledge and training they need to be successful adults. We believe our kids deserve the same opportunities our neighboring school districts have given their students. 

At the end of the day, we still believe this increase is a need, not a want, and we assure you that the board is already re-examining this proposal, and we will never stop working to improve our school. Please, if you still have questions, reach out to Dr. Hyatt 417-679-4200 or contact a board member. We would be happy to talk with you.


The Gainesville school board

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