Honored so participate in Mason's flag-retirement ceremony

On June 30, it was my great honor and privilege to participate in a flag retirement ceremony sponsored by the Sampson Masonic Lodge in Theodosia. Our nation’s banner is more than just a piece of cloth; Old Glory is a symbol of strength and perseverance. Through the respect we display for our flag, we communicate our respect for everything the flag stands for: justice, liberty and the American way of life.
It seems fitting to me that our ceremony was held just days before the Fourth of July, a time when we come together to celebrate our nation’s independence. Ever since the flag was first sewn by Betsy Ross in 1776, it has been a reminder of the United States’ commitment to never again let tyranny rule our people.
In the Revolutionary War, our Founding Fathers fought for their liberty so that their sons and daughters might live in a country ruled by their own elected representatives, not a tyrannical king in a far-off land. They knew that freedom came at a cost, but that a great nation must always stand for what is right all the same.
Today we can be thankful for the many blessings our freedom has given us. We’re able to work for an honest living and enjoy the fruits of our own labor. We’re able to spend time with our families and loved ones without fear. And we have the opportunity to say what we want, worship how we want and arm ourselves for our own protection.
None of these things would be possible without the constant sacrifice of all the men and women of the armed services who put themselves in harm’s way day in and day out to fight for what they believe in. Every time I look at the flag, I’m reminded of their selflessness. Because of the service of the brave, we’re able to live in the land of the free.
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