Times Past: Dec. 27, 2017

We can’t be sure this photo was taken after the wolf hunt reported (below) in the Jan. 2, 1941, edition of the Times, but it seems likely, given that the late Raymond Luna, second from right, is pictured with four other men, probably Everett Johnson, Jud Hayes, Ode Beasley and Boyd Hickey. Except for Luna, we don’t know which name goes with which man. If you can help identify them, please contact Sue Ann Jones at 417-989-1040 or sueann@ozarkcountytimes.com.

Correction: We’ve been informed that the woman named as Mary Mefford in last week’s 1963 photo of Ozark County Times correspondents should have been identified as Delphia Mefford, correspondent for Price Place (Arkansas).


Ozark County News

Dec. 30, 1904

Joda Wilson, Constable of Barren Fork Township, and Everett Gilliland engaged in a shooting affair on Christmas Eve at Romance which resulted in the death of Gilliland and the mortally wounding of Robert Lance, a bystander. A stray shot struck Albert Luna’s mare in the neck. 

Lance was taken to the home of C. F. Wiatt, where he was cared for until the morning of Dec. 26, when he died.  


Ozark County Times

Dec. 28, 1917

Theodosia – Dora Cheney had about 50 cans of fruit to freeze and burst during the cold weather. 

Oak Dale – Some chickens and pigs froze during the cold weather. But if the winter lasts, we may look out for a good crop next year. 

Floyd Cantwell, A. W. Steelman and J. J. Kyle went to Kansas City and bought a fine lot of calves. Steelman has lost four of his and Kyle has lost two. 

 Noble – Wm. Lewis, who has been at Gainesville preparing for medical school, had to stop on account of his mother’s health.  


Jan 3, 1919

Liner – Bill Poe is buying scrap cotton, paying 7 cents per lb. 

Uncle Mack Tevebaugh gave a possum dinner in honor of Mr. and Mrs. Orin McClure of Mtn. Home, Ark. 

Jesse Strong sent Uncle Ned Brown a big fine dressed coon last week, so Uncle Ned had a coon dinner. ... Roast coon is most delicious.  


Jan. 2, 1941

Legs [Raymond] Luna, Everett Johnson, Jud Hayes, Ode Beasley and Boyd Hickey, all of Gainesville, left town the night of Dec. 21st for a wolf drive at Bald Jess, taking their 13 dogs with them. ... Talk about a chase! They had one for about 3 1/2 hours, killing the wolf. ... On the way back to the car, they struck another wolf, running it for about 2 1/2 hours before they caught and killed it. ... This catch was greatly appreciated by the farmers near there, so much so that they gave the boys a [financial] lift for their services.  


Dec. 24, 1942

 Jack Barger of Mammoth shipped a truckload of saddle horses to Kansas Friday.  

 The Dr. Hoerman baby bus ran head-on into the Cecil Willbanks home Thursday morning about 7 o’clock leaving a 7-pound boy. Mother and little John Cecil are doing nicely. 

Mr. and Mrs. Walter Wray are the very proud parents of a little lady who arrived at their house a week or so ago.   


Dec. 28, 1967

The Jarrett Hicks home about 5 miles northeast of Gainesville is roofless, a victim of the line of tornadoes which skipped across sections of Arkansas, Missouri and into Illinois beginning around 10:30 last Wednesday night and extending into the early hours of Wednesday. 

Mr. and Mrs. Hicks, who were in bed when the tornado stuck their home, were not injured . ... Extensive damage was done to the interior of their home.  

 A new factory building to house the Aromatic Cedar Products Company is under construction here, according to Mr. and Mrs. P. W. Snelling, owners and operators. The factory building was destroyed by fire Oct. 26.

Mr. Snelling said that land for the factory, which will measure 40 by 100 feet, was obtained from the Gainesville Industrial Corporation and is the old feeder pig sale lot east of Gainesville on 160 Highway.  


Dec. 23, 1992

The flagpole in front of the Ozark County Court-house stood bare Monday morning. Sometime over the past weekend the halyard was cut and the U.S. and Missouri flags were stolen. Not only will there be a cost in replacing the flags, but additional time and effort will be needed in getting to the top of the pole to restring the halyard.  

Dora – We finally got the rain that had been predicted for several days. Our creek was bank full for the first time in several months. We had six inches or more. 

Students who lived across Bryant had to be sent home around noon. All students were released early because of the smaller creeks rising.

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