Times past: Oct. 11, 2017

Guy Howard, who became known as the Walkin’ Preacher of the Ozarks, is shown in this photo reprinted from the Dec. 25, 1944, edition of Life magazine. Howard is pictured with Lena Clayton (Mrs. Roy) Brown, 17, as she does laundry outside her Turkey Creek cabin in Ozark County. Howard told a reporter for the Springfield News-Leader that he walked about 3,300 miles in a year to preach in churches and schools around the Ozarks. An Oct. 15, 1942, item in this week’s Times Past reports that he had begun a two-week revival in Gainesville.

Ozark County News

Oct. 10, 1895

 A subscription is now in circulation for the purpose of raising money to purchase the 40-acre tract of land that the Gainesville Cemetery is located on. This is government land. Every-body in and around Gaines-ville is either directly or indirectly interested in this move and all should contribute liberally. ... When the land is purchased, a sufficient amount of land will be enclosed with a neat fence, and the grounds will be cleaned off and a beautiful cemetery will be made.  


Ozark County Times

Oct. 9, 1908

Elijah, Mo., Sept. 29, 1908 – On Sept. 25, the G.A.R. met at Elijah with President Col. Wm. Monks in the chair. Elder Epley opened the meeting by a prayer service after which he made a splendid speech to the old soldiers. His talk was followed by Geo. W. Boone, who also gave a splendid speech. ... On Sept. 26, the meeting was opened with prayer by Mr. M. Sanders, after which Set V. Conrad addressed the old soldiers and made a splendid talk. 

After Mr. Conrad’s address, the grave of Bro. Van Lane was decorated, after which officers were elected.  

B. W. Hogard has commenced work on his new hotel on the northwest corner of the square.  

Dora – Grisham and Luna are to make molasses on our ridge this week. We like “long sweetners” as well as our “Edds.”  


Oct. 12, 1917

Dr. J. R. Davis of Noble was here Monday serving on the local board in the examination of a case or two in which Dr. G. W. Taylor, the regular board physician, was disqualified on account of relationship. 

The local board is examining from 70 to 80 registrants a day here this week. They will finish the list by Friday night.  


Oct. 6, 1932

Brixey – Rosco and Ralph Mahan traded their Hoopy for a cow. Rosco says he’s married now so he’d rather stay home and drink milk than to ride around and spend his pennies.  

 Oct. 15, 1942

 Russell Parker, who has been on a defense job in the Canal Zone the past few months, arrived home Sunday evening. 

John Rose, who is employed at the state capitol and who with his wife and daughter is here on a few weeks’ vacation visit, was in town Monday greeting friends.  

Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Rogers have received a letter from their son, G. W. Jr., stating he was okay and safe in California. His ship, the Calhoun, was sunk in the Solomon Islands battle several weeks ago.  

The famous Walking Preacher of the Ozarks began a two weeks’ revival at the Christian church in Gainesville Monday night. It will continue for two weeks and possibly longer.  


Oct. 10, 1957

Dates of the Polio Clinics to be held in the county are Oct. 11 and Nov. 8 in Dora, Oct. 18 and Nov. 15 in Gainesville, Oct. 25 and Nov. 22 in Thornfield. Free polio shots will be given to all persons under 20 years of age and to all expectant mothers. 

Tecumseh – Wolf Clark of Tecumseh attended a farm sale Saturday. The children and parents of the Odom district were overjoyed to see Mr. Clark. He had taught the Odom school for several years. He is teaching at the Luna this year and Mrs. Clark teaches at Dawt. 


Oct. 12, 1967

Larry Bushong, the only licensed flier at GHS, graduated from the Springfield Flying Service with a 90 percent average on both written and flight check tests. ... 

He has flown some 73 hours through, rain, storms and in the dark.  


Oct. 14, 1992

Representatives of the Ozark County Senior Citizens Center gathered outside last week to burn the recently paid-off note on property adjoining the center, which they purchased in January 1976. 

Proceeds of $1,741.48 from the Seniors on Stage production and a private donation from Ruby McDermont to cover the final payment of $400 made the pay-off possible. 

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