Times Past: Sept. 19, 2018

Zanoni store is shown in a Times file photo from 2014. The store closed after Morrison’s death in 1969, and his daughter, the late Classie Shanks, who was Zanoni postmaster, moved the post office to a small building up on the ridge west of the original town of Zanoni. The original store and post office are now part of Zanoni Mill Ranch owned by Scott and Becky Mathews.

This photo of the store at Zanoni, believed to have come from the collection of the late Pearl Hunt Luna, is undated, but it’s thought to have been taken before 1920. The men on the store’s porch are unknown, but one might be the late A. P. “Doc” Morrison, who operated the store for many years.

Ozark County Times

Sept. 20, 1918

London – Sept. 13 – Official admission was made by the German war office in Berlin today that the Germans have fled the St. Mihiel salient, where the Americans began their great offensive yesterday. 

This emphasized the magnitude of the American victory southeast of Verdun. 

A heavy counter attack was delivered by the Germans against the right wing of the new American front east of St. Mihiel this morning. The assault ... was completely repulsed by the Americans.  

Isabella – J. W. Jones sold his buggy to Ransom Swayne and bought another one from Tom Martin. 

Will Friend sold some hogs to Bret Friend last week.  


Sept. 22, 1922

Dawt – Quite a few have gone to Southeast Missouri to pick cotton. 

Melvin Bushong made a trip to St. Louis and drove back a new Ford. 

Luna – Henry House and family spent Saturday night and Sunday at A. C. Luna’s.  

Rev. Patrick filled his appointment here Sunday.  


Sept. 22, 1932

Memorial or funeral services for William H. Roberts, Civil War veteran and an old citizen of Romance and vicinity, was interred in the Gainesville cemetery on July 22. On account of a storm, no services were held at the time of burial on July 23. Services will be held at the cemetery Oct. 3 at 2 p.m.  


Sept. 16, 1943

According to records in the county extension office, there are now some 250 people from Ozark County picking cotton in Southeast Missouri and Arkansas.  Many of these families were transported free of charge by the Southeast Missouri Cotton growers working through the Farm Labor Recruiting program under the direction of Mr. B. F. Breeding. ... Reports from the cotton country show that $2 per hundred is being paid for picking in the majority of cases.  

Ad – Sunday Sept. 19, My Friend Flicka in technicolor. Some have read the book and will want to see it on the screen. Others will want to see it because it is one of the best pictures of the year.  


Sept. 22, 1955

Dorian Sims, better known as Buster, a former resident of Gainesville, is in a Trimble, Mo., hospital suffering from severe burns over one third of his body. P. O. Sims, father of Buster, said that most of the clothing was burned from the body of his son, and his condition is serious. ... 

P. O. Sims said that the bed his son was sleeping on apparently caught fire from a cigarette he had been smoking.  

Little Dannie Morgan was surprised with a birthday party the 9th. Several of his little friends attended. 

Romance – A large crowd attended the funeral services at the church house Friday afternoon for Albert Nance. All the children were present. Rev. Allen Ledbetter conducted the services, and burial was made in the Jackson cemetery.   

State Line – Cook Wilbanks has just finished a 400-foot well for Carl Rowen. He has lots of water. 

The women have begun canning wild grapes.  


Sept. 19, 1968

Demonstration arrangements for Hootin an Hollarin are nearing completion with a number of persons slated to operate various exhibits of skills. 

Among them are Mrs. Mae Herd, quilting; Mrs. Helen Osborn, spinning; Mrs. Marie Crisp, lard making and Tonie Jenkins, broom making.  

Ronald E. Mahan, son of Italy and the late Elmer Mahan, Pontiac, was recently graduated from the Missouri State Highway Patrol Academy. 

Trooper Mahan is married and has two children. He is stationed with Troop F in Jefferson City.  


Sept. 22, 1993

Angela Smith of Theodosia was crowned Hootin an Hollarin Queen for 1993. 

Among items on the Gainesville City Councill agenda on Sept. 13 was the issue concerning the lease of the city park grounds by the R-V School district... The R-V Board has offered the city a 25-year lease on the property where the city park is located. Mayor Frank McClendon told the council that the lease would qualify the park for grants for improvement. The council agreed to accept the school’s offer. 

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