Times Past (July 10, 2024)

In this photo, thought to have been taken in 1919 or 1920, superintendent of Schools James B. Huffman and his son James Banker Huffman (1918-1993) stand in front of the old building on the northwest corner of the Gainesville square that housed the Bank of Gainesville (now Century Bank of the Ozarks). The photo is from the collection of the late John Harlin, former bank president and chairman of the board, who says the photo was given to him by the late W. G. Baker. The bank will celebrate its 130th anniversary July 24.

Ozark County News

July 9, 1903

T. J. Luna, prosecuting attorney, filed information against Robert McCulley Monday for carrying a pistol and firing it in the street. McCulley was arraigned before Justice H. Walker.

Phillip Decker, our old reliable lumber dealer of near Rockbridge, was in town Monday accompanied by his sister, Mrs. Lacy, trading with our merchants.


Ozark County Times

July 5, 1912

Tod Buie and some other boys at Dawt chased a fine grey fox for three hours before catching him.

Uncle Bob Warren at Sycamore thinks he is getting young again since he has been carrying the mail to Gainesville.

He says people call him, “The Boy.”


July 4, 1919

Lawndale – Lee Hamilton has bought a new cream separator. He has bought some cows and is now engaged in milking.


July 13, 1933

Walter Hartley was arrested on Thursday morning on his brother’s farm near Mountain Grove by Highway Patrolmen N. H. Massie and E. C. Brown. He is charged as the third person in the $431 Hammond Bank robbery on May 10.

Hartley, who was brought to this city Thursday, was identified as the driver of the bandit car in the robbery by Oren Wallace and his son, Louie, and Mrs. Kelly Hobbs, Hammond citizens.

Hartley was already under a $30,000 bond in connection with the robbery of the Sparta bank.

The other two prisoners, who are held here awaiting trial, refused to identify Hartley as their alleged companion.


July 4, 1946

J. R. Driskell (Uncle Rile) . . . who lives 3¼ miles west of Dora, believes he has one of the largest families in the county.


He has 13 children, 48 grandchildren, 65 great-grandchildren and one great-great-grandchild.

Fourteen of his grandchildren were in service during World War II. He is very happy that 13 of them have returned home, and the 14th is expected before too long.

Uncle Rile is 85 years of age and has lived in Ozark County 82 of them. He homesteaded a place near Dora 65 years ago and has lived on it and paid taxes on it since then.


July 9, 1949

A new business firm for Gainesville will be Delp Brothers, which will be open soon in the building formerly occupied by the Wallace Furniture Store here. The new business will be owned and operated by Edwin, Dorman and J. D. Delp and will carry a complete line of meats, groceries, feed, fertilizers and seed. . . . The Delps also operate the store at Thornfield, which was started by their father, the late Elmer Delp, 30 years ago.

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