Assessor urges residents to call with address changes for assessment forms

This stack of returned assessment forms is just one day’s worth of mail, says Ozark County Assessor Jama Berry.

Ozark County Assessor Jama Berry reminds residents that they need to call the assessor’s office directly to notify staff of a new address anytime it is changed in order to receive their personal property assessment forms each year. 

With the photo at right, Berry said: “If you haven’t received your personal assessment form for 2024, this could be the reason. This is one day of returned mail... at 68 cents each postage, plus the cost of the envelope, printing the assessment form, not to mention the labor to fold and stuff each envelope.”

She said that most of the returned mail could be avoided if residents called to report a change of addresses. She also encourages those new to the county to call the office. 

“It’s a common misconception that if you’re new to the county we automatically get notified to send you an assessment form. This is not the case, you just contact our office to have an account set up and get a form.”

Berry clarified that failure to receive a personal assessment form does not exempt a person from the requirement of filling one out.

Those who haven’t received a personal assessment form or need to update an address, should call the Ozark County Assessor’s office at 417-679-4705. 

The assessor’s office will be mailing out second-notice post cards at the beginning of March to people who haven’t turned in their forms yet. “If someone has had a change of address, it would be appreciated if they could call and tell us before March 1, so we don’t send a post card to the wrong address.”

Barry reiterated that the post cards are only sent to people who haven’t turned in their 2024 assessment forms at that point and will not be mailed to those who have returned the forms.

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