Jim Britt retires from MSHP, son Noah takes badge number

Missouri State Highway Patrol Tpr. Noah G. Britt, left, stands with his father Jim Britt after taking over his father’s badge #368 upon Jim’s retirement last week.

Gainesville resident, Cpl. N. J. “Jim” Britt officially retired from the Missouri State Highway Patrol after 28 years of service last week. His son Noah Britt continues his legacy, taking over his dad’s badge number #368 in his own career with the MSHP. 

In an emotional video posted to Facebook by Jim’s brother Gene Britt, Cpl. N. J. Britt sits in his patrol car and calls over his radio to end his service. 

A dispatcher radios back across all channels, “All officers and listening stations, after 28 years of dedicated service, Cpl. Norman J. Britt,  badge 368 is retiring from the Missouri State Highway Patrol.

“Cpl. Britt began his career at the Highway Patrol on Jan. 1, 1996, as a member of the 71st recruit class. Throughout his career, he has served the people of Missouri with honor, integrity and commitment. 

“We are all grateful for his service at the state of Missouri, and the efforts to protect our highways and communities have not gone unnoticed. Congratulations on a job well done, and enjoy your well-deserved retirement. You will be greatly missed. 368 is 10-22 at 13:09.”

With tears in his eyes, Jim looks at the camera and says, “That did it.” He takes a moment and looks at his son, Tpr. Noah G. Britt, and asks, “Are you ready?” 

Noah nods, then radios in to dispatch on his own radio and asks, “If you would, show me out of service as 441 and put me in service as 368.”

As the dispatcher acknowledges the badge number change, Jim looks at Noah and just smiles with tears in his eyes before handing over his badge and giving his son a big hug. 

The video, which has been shared to the Ozark County Times Facebook page, has been seen by more than 10,000 people now. The comment section included 170 sincere congratulatory responses and nearly 700 likes, a testament to the impact Cpl. Britt made during his long career.

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