Local mushroom provider now selling grow-your-own kits

The grow-your-own mushroom kits from Willow Mountain Mushrooms allow anyone to grow a variety of different mushrooms including portabella and oyster mushrooms, shown here with 8-year-old Jamie, left, and 6-year-old Joey Semyck, children of Willow Mountain Mushroom owners Bob and Wendy Semyck.

Local mushroom provider Willow Mountain Mushrooms is now offering grow-your-own mushroom kits for purchase. The 12-inch-by-12-inch kit weighs about 12 to 14 pounds and includes detailed instructions, colonized growing medium and a casing layer that  the purchaser mixes with water and applies.

Each kit can produce up to four pounds of mushrooms during the six- to eight-week growing cycle. Once the mushrooms appear, they double in size every 24 hours, making the kits a great learning opportunity as well as a tasty addition to the family’s good supply. 

“It’s so much fun to watch,” Willow Mountain Mushroom owner Wendy Semyck told the Times. “It makes a terrific science project or home school study. Really, it’s just as fun for the adults as the kids.”

The kits come in a variety of mushroom varieties including crimini, portabella, baby bella, oyster and white button kits. Wendy says the kits can be delivered to areas where the company is already delivering mushrooms, including Gainesville, Ava, Mansfield and Springfield, and Mountain Home, Arkansas. For out-of-the-area residents, the kits can be shipped anywhere in the continental United States with an added shipping fee. 

Find the mushroom kits by searching on Amazon, Ebay or by contacting Willow Mountain Mush-room directly at shroomshack@gmail.com.

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