Ozark County runners place in Sept. 7 XC meet at Willow Springs

First in class 1 boys Dora Falcon runner Cade Nold took first place in the varsity boys class 1 division with a time of 18:00.23.

Second in class 1 girls Dora Lady Falcon Isabella Martin placed second in the class 1 varsity girls division with a time of 22:35.10.

Sixth in class 2 boys Gainesville Bulldog runner Isaac Pippin placed sixth in the class 2 varsity boys division with a time of 19:43.99.

Ozark County runners from Bakersfield, Dora and Gainesville competed at the 2023 Steve Waggoner Invitational cross country meet Thursday, Sept. 7, at the Willow Springs Municipal Golf Course. Runners who earned medals are as follows:

Middle school boys 

2,500-meter run

Sixth place: Aiden Thome, 6th grade, Gainesville, 9:57.48


Middle school girls 

2,500-meter run

12th place: Jessica Suit, 8th grade, Gainesville, 11:22.80

13th place: Annabell Snelson, 7th grade, Gainesville, 11:27.19


Class 1 Varsity Boys 5K 

Team: Dora took second as a team, and Bakersfield took third.

First place: Cade Nold, 11th grade, Dora, 18:00.23

Fourth place: Joshua Nold, 4th place, Dora, 19:27.18

10th place: Chad Carey, 11th grade, Bakersfield, 20:52.58

11th place: Daniel Tomlinson, 9th grade, Dora, 21:05.65

13th place: Tyler Hodgson, 10th grade, Bakersfield, 21:49.17


Class 2 Varsity Boys 5K

Team: Gainesville took third as a team

Sixth place: Isaac Pippin, 11th grade, Gainesville, 19:43.99

10th place: Ryder Murphy, 11th grade, Gainesville, 20:31.37

14th place: Macray Hambelton, 10th grade, Gainesville, 20:59.39

15th place: Archer Luna, 9th grade, Gainesville, 21:08.33


Class 1 varsity girls 5K

Team: Dora took second as a team

Second place: Isabella Martin, 9th grade, Dora, 22:35.10

Sixth place: Emma Martin, 11th grade, Dora, 24:07.07

10th place: Chloe Barton, 11th grade, Dora, 26:21.56

11th place: Calle Smith, 11th grade, Bakersfield, 27:42.83

12th place: Kayden Jones, 11th grade, Dora, 27:42.83

14th place: Keeley Stevens, 10th grade, Bakersfield, 28:19.14


Class 2 varsity girls 5K

First place: Kaitlyn Kahl, 10th grade, Gainesville, 23:10.39

13th place: Alyssa Smith, 11th grade, Gainesville, 27:54.80

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